16" Twister Blue Daily Cleaning Floor Pads for Floor Scrubber Diamond pad

16" Twister Blue Floor Pads   2 pads   Compare to $110 List
Twister 212136
1,500 Grit / Multi Grit Blend designed for high productivity and performance.  Blue Twister Pads are good for polishing and cleaning uncoated floors in high traffic areas.
Non woven pad made from recycled PET impregnated with microscopic diamonds bound in resin. Diamond abrasive applied on one side of the pad. Thickness of the pad is approximately one inch. 
Twister™ Blue is developed to be used for daily cleaning of uncoated floors in High traffic area. Use only as intended.
Directions for use:
1.Dry mop the floor. Dry moppingimproves the cleaning resultand prolongs the lifespan of thepad.
2.Mount the Twister™ pad on aVelcro holder. The Blue sidefacing the floor and the printedside up.
3.Clean the floor
Maintenance of pad:
Rinse the Twister™ pad thoroughly with water after each use. This ensures the proper function of the Twister™.
2 Pads/package.
Special Features:
Mechanical cleaning method using only water in the cleaning. No chemicals required.
Works on uncoated floors.
Twister™ replaces traditional chemical-based cleaning methods using the same routines and machines but with diamonds instead of traditional abrasives thus maintaining the floor surface in the daily cleaning resulting in a less environmental impact and lower overall cleaning costs.
Twister™ fits all cleaning machines.
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