Aztec Sidewinder 30" Propane Floor Stripper

Aztec SideWinder Propane Stripper

60 Hours

Starts and runs great.   

Flat Rate Freight of $155 to lower 48 states with a loading dock or forklift.  Or a $75 residential delivery fee applies.  Free dock pick up is also available.  

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• Rugged, all steel body construction

• Planetary brush drive eliminates strip shadows and side torque

• Unique floating head design allows brushes to address irregular surfaces

• Brush RPM speed combined with up to 288 lbs. (130 kg) of head pressure delivers fast, deep stripping or scrubbing

• Standard centrifugal clutch substantially increases belt life

• Strips 7-10 layers of finish in just one pass

• Transport wheel for easy loading and maneuvering

Propane Floor Stripping Solutions
The Aztec Sidewinder is designed for deep scrubbing and/or fast stripping of hard surface floors in preparation for top coat or restoring of VCT, terrazzo or close-fitted tile.

Fast — The Sidewinder™ strips 15,000 (or scrubs 30,000) square feet per hour with a 30″ path and brush speed up to 1,150 RPM. 1.5 times faster than the nearest competitor. At that speed the Sidewinder is 10x faster than a corded electric machine and 3x faster than a battery powered machine. The Sidewinder’s unique planetary drive and 3 counter-rotational brushes will strip up to 7 layers of wax in one pass.

Aggressive — Unique dual direction scouring action plus heavy brush pressure result in high productivity, with no side torque.

The Sidewinder is part of the Aztec WorkSmartTM WorkSmart™ cordless VCT floor Stripping System.

LOWEST EMISSIONS IN THE INDUSTRY. All equipment and engine conversions are proudly made in the USA.

PurepowerLPG 600 Series engine with battery key start
Lowest emissions for 10+ years
Green certifications: EPA, CARB, LEED, CE
US green building council LEED IEQ credit 3.4 requirements
Optional engine meeting Blue Sky standards
Comes with a 30-Day Parts Warranty

The propane tank doesn’t come with buffer.

This buffer starts and runs, doesn’t smoke and buffs great. This would be great for grocery stores, convenience stores, and auto parts stores.

Free Shipping to a commercial location with a forklift or a $100 residential delivery fee will apply. Unit can also be picked up at the local truck dock for no extra charge. Free shipping only to lower 48.

Questions? Call us today 501-844-1811.

We can help out with any questions you may have. We have a 30-day parts warranty on all the refurbished machines we sell. We can ship to a business with a loading dock or forklift; or we can have it shipped to a local trucking dock where you can pick it up.

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