Battery Chargers for Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

Need a replacement charger for you floor scrubber?  We have a charger that will work for whatever scrubber you may have.  Not sure what you need?  Reach out to us.  We can Help!  Need to convert your onboard charger to an external one?  We help with that too.  Call today.  501-844-1811

Keep your scrubber ready to go with a working charger.  You may be trying to diagnose a problem where your scrubber has really low run time.  Is it the batteries or the charger?  If it is an onboard charger watch the display screen or the flashing dots when you plug it in.  Verify that it is actually putting out amps before you walk away from it.  External chargers will also have either flashing dots or an amp gauge.