Parts for Clarke Focus II L20, L17, Boost L20

Need a a parts for Clarke Focus II L20, L17 or Focus II L20 Boost scrubber.  We have the parts you need like squeegee blades, vac motors, and hoses.  Need a parts manual?  We have them here:

  Clarke Focus L20 Parts Manual Boost L20

For Models:
87202020 - 9087203020
05321A, 05322A, 05323A, 05324A, 05331A, 05332A, 05333A, 05334A, 05341A, 05342A, 05343A, 05344A, 05351A, 05352A, 05353A, 05354A, 05361A, 05362A, 05363A, 05364A 


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