Parts for Clarke Focus II L20, L17, Boost L20

Need parts for Clarke Focus II L20, L17 or Focus II L20 Boost scrubber?  We have the parts you need like squeegee blades, vac motors, and hoses.  Need a parts manual?  We have them here:

  Clarke Focus L20 Parts Manual Boost L20

For Models:
87202020 - 9087203020
05321A, 05322A, 05323A, 05324A, 05331A, 05332A, 05333A, 05334A, 05341A, 05342A, 05343A, 05344A, 05351A, 05352A, 05353A, 05354A, 05361A, 05362A, 05363A, 05364A 


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