Clarke Focus II Mid Size Parts - Disc, Boost 28 and 32

Need to get a part for your Clarke Focus II Mid Size Scrubber?  Look thru all the parts for your Focus II here.  Need a vac motor or  Squeegee blades?  We have oem and aftermarket replacement parts for anything on a Focus II.  We have thousands of clarke parts with fast shipping.  Don't see what your looking for?  Need help troubleshooting?  Contact us here or give us a call at 501-844-1811.

Models: 05370A, 05370C(OBS), 05380A, 05380C(OBS), 05390A, 05390C(OBS), 05400A, 05400C(OBS), 05410A, 05410C(OBS),
05420A, 05420C(OBS), 56380651(OBS), 56380657(OBS), 56380658(OBS), 56380659(OBS)

Need a Clarke Focus II Midsize Parts Manual?

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