New Pioneer Eclipse PE400BU 28" Propane Floor Buffer

Tired of sinking money into that old worn out propane buffer? 
Tired of the nasty smell and the oil leaks?
Tired of always wondering if it is going to start or not? 

It's time to pull the plug on that old buffer and replace it!
Whether you are buffing a vct floor in a grocery store or putting that finishing touch on a new concrete polish job you need a machine that is rugged, dependable and reliable.  Pioneer buffers have long been known as the industry leader when it comes to quality.  
Here are a few reasons floor care professionals choose the PE400BU:
Its powerful and easy to use.
Low Profile Deck
3 Way Catalytic Muffler ensures operator safety.
Most durable aluminum frame in industry. 
Digital Hour Meter/Tach
Rok-Bak action makes for easy access to the pad.  This allows quick and easy pad changes.  Take a look at the picture.  No more getting on the floor or kneeling down to change pads!
Adjustable Wheels:  Too much pad pressure?  Pulling too hard to one side?  No Problem.  Adjust the wheels.  Notice the picture.  Put the machine in the Rok-Bak position and easily move wheels forward or backwards.  
Cleaning Path    28 Inch
Sound Level        < 89 dBA
Production Rate                34,000 ft 2 /hr. (3160 m 2 /hr.)
Horsepower       18      603cc
RPMs    1700
Free Shipping to lower 48 states with a loading dock or forklift.  Or a $75 residential delivery fee applies.  Free dock pick up is also available.  
Questions?   Call us today  501-844-1811 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Type: Floor Buffer

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