Floor Scrubber Beats Mopping: 5 Reasons Why

Floor Scrubber Beats Mopping: 5 Reasons Why

mop and bucket vs floor scrubber

Dry, safe floors. One of the best reasons to use a floor scrubber, is that floors are drier. Using a mop allows floors to stay wet for a time, causing a safety danger. Slip-and-fall lawsuits cost companies millions of dollars each year. Floor scrubbers completely suck up all the dirty water and helps prevent this.

Efficiency. Floor scrubbers are more efficient and faster. In fact, cleaning times are cut by at least 50 percent. More time can be devoted to other pressing matters by you or your employees without skimping on the cleanliness of your business.

Happy, productive employees. No matter how quickly anyone cleans, employees just aren't as fast with a mop and bucket. More time is spent emptying dirty water and wringing out filthy mops that could be used giving a deeper cleaning in other areas of a business. And let's face it, employees are a lot happier running a machine than swinging a mop.

Cleanliness. Floor scrubbers make your facility so much cleaner. There really isn't a way to make a floor that clean using a mop and a bucket due to dirty or contaminated water being in the bucket or on the floor no matter how well you mop, wring it out or how often you change the water. All of the water is sucked up into a floor machine which leaves an exceptionally clean, dry floor. You will notice your entire facility has a lot better appearance. 
Cross-contamination. When your warehouse has been cleaned with a scrubber, that dirt, sand and dust is not tracked onto your showroom floor, your offices, into your break room or into the bathrooms. Spreading dirt throughout your facility is more expensive to clean up than stopping the dirt at the source. Keeping the work area or your warehouse clean will save lots of time, and aggravation, in keeping your business clean.
Buy a used refurbished floor scrubber, and leave the mop bucket in the closet. You will see many benefits.