Floor Scrubber Chargers: There’s an app for that now! Lester Summit II Charger

Floor Scrubber Chargers:  There’s an app for that now!   Lester Summit II Charger

You may be wondering what a smartphone app and your floor scrubber charger have to do with one another.  Maybe you’ve been in this situation.  You have a charger that is not working and you need to replace it.  But finding that exact charger that you had may not be easy.  It may be out of production.  
We actually saw this one come in for repair a few years ago:

This Clarke-A-Matic charger was designed for the first automatic scrubber that was made back in the 50's.   A lot has changed since this heavy charger was made! 

Deciding which charger to get for a scrubber is pretty easy now:  The Summit II Series Chargers from Lester Electrical. 

Summit II uses Bluetooth app chargerconnect to operate and change settings

Here are some reasons why:

This 1050W Summit II is Industrial Grade.   It can be used as an on-board or stationary external charger (Off-Board).  It is capable of charging 24v, 36v, or 48v battery packs.  It can auto detect the voltage that it is plugged into.   That's right one charger can now be used if you have a 24v machine and a 36v machine.  It is a great back up charger to stock if you have machines with different voltages.  

 The 1050 Watt model Summit II charger is the one you need if you prefer premium performance and faster charging times.  It is truly a professional level unit.  

Here's why it charges so well:  It uses Switch Mode (High Frequency) charging with advanced charge and termination algorithms and is convection cooled with no moving parts.  Did you get all that?  To put it another way, it uses vastly better technology to provide maximum reliability and increase overall battery life.  And of course, it's an automatic battery charger.  When the battery pack is charged it shuts off.  No Worries.  

Now for the good stuff.  Let's say you walk up to your scrubber to use it and you notice that someone else has been using it earlier.  You know it was Bob.  He's always using the floor scrubber when your not around.  He usually leaves a mess and doesn't drain the nasty dirty water out of the tank.  But anyway at least he put it on the charger this time.  But you have no idea for how long.  Is it ready to use?  How charged is it? 

With the summit II all you have to do is pull out your phone open the Lester ChargerConnect app and it will tell you where it is in the charge cycle.  It can also show the history of the charge cycles.  You now know that Bob put it back on the charger several hours earlier and your scrubber is ready to go to work.  

But here is where this app becomes even more valuable.  Suppose your new Summitt II 1050W charger has just arrived and your ready to hook it up to a machine.  Remember not all batteries charge the same.  Deep cycle batteries require different charging algorithms depending their size and type.  All this means is that each type of battery needs to charge in a certain way.  This has to do with how many amps it uses to charge the batteries at different times during the charging process.  Before the Summitt II came along changing this algorithm on chargers involved either finding tiny dip switches to change or a process involving unhooking the positive lead to the battery pack and counting small flashing lights.  Not fun!  Notice in the screen shot below how easy changing this profile is now.  With the ChargerConnect App it is as simple as pressing touching your screen.  

Changing Charging Profile on Summitt II charger using ChargerConnect

 The green check mark shows the profile you have selected.

Charger Profiles Algorithms summitt II charger with chargerConnect

 With the app you can also:
Download new battery profiles from the Cloud. 
Upload battery profiles to the charger.

Here is something that is important when using the Summit II:
Before (1) using the charger for the first time or (2) using the charger with a battery pack of a different type or capacity, use the ChargerConnect app to verify that the proper active battery profile is selected and that the system settings match your application.

The ChargerConnect app can also be used to set the charger up as either an On-Board or Off-Board charger.  This has to do with the difference between the 2 as to when the charger turns on and off.  The Off-Board needs the DC power to be disconnected and then re connected to turn the charger back on.  The On-Board needs the AC power disconnected and then re connected to turn the charger on.  This is because on the On-Board the DC voltage is always connected to the charger.      Here is a Summit II 1050 set up as an Off-Board charger with the small red SB50 connector.  

Lester Summit II 1050 Charger Set up as an off board 24v Charger with Red SB50 Connector

Another nice feature is the AC cord clamp.  The AC power is supplied using an IEC 60320 C16 power cord.  It has a clamp that keeps it securely connected to the charger.  We get call all the time from people saying their on-board charger is not working.  Many times the power cord has slid down out of the socket.  This clamp will prevent that.  

Summit II Floor Scrubber Charger Has AC Power Cord Clamp

We have the Summit II configured to be used any floor scrubber you may have.  This will usually be an off-board set up with either a SB50 or SB175 in either red or grey.  If you have a different need let us know we can install any cord set you may need.  If you have questions you can call us at 501-844-1811 or  click here  to send us a message.  



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