Concrete's Polished - Now What?

Concrete's Polished - Now What?

As we stare at our new shiny warehouse floor we can't believe the change it has made in the appearance of our business.  Everything looks so much better and brighter.  And we know that when things are clean and look nice, people tend to work harder to take care of things.  

But then reality set in.  That perfect shiny floor begins to get dusty as work starts to take place on top of it.  Actually, you may notice now that now that the concrete is polished, it appears to get dirtier faster than before.  Not really though.  Now you are able to see the dirt that has always been there.  The shiny floor doesn't hide the dirt like the dull concrete did.  So what can be done?  

Dust mopping has to take place often.  But more is needed.  That dust and dirt and whatever else is on the floor needs to come off.  This is where a floor scrubber is needed.  A mop and a bucket just won't cut it.  The floor scrubber will put down a cleaning solution, scrub it with a soft pad or soft brush and suck all the dirty water back up off the floor.  This cleaning solution will need to be one with a neutral ph so as to not damage the shine on the concrete.  And the pads or brushes need to be softer too than ones that would be used on plain concrete.   

Scrubbers also are great for getting spills off the floor quickly.  Spills can stain the concrete.  Concrete reacts to acidic or alkaline substances.  If left for very long the spill can start to work on the concrete and that spot will have a stain.  

There are other things to consider as well.  The contractor should have left you with instructions on how to maintain the polished concrete.  There are special cleaners that can be used with the scrubber to help with stains and are designed for concrete.  Diamond impregnated pads can also be used on your scrubber to help bring back some of the shine.  Some of these pads can also be used for daily cleaning and can help keep the shine from diminishing.  Periodic sealing and burnishing may also be needed.  

The bottom line is that floor scrubbers are a valuable tool for any hard floor especially when it comes to polished concrete.